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dog training holding place

Rosco holding place after his dog training at A Better Dog Kennel.

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We now offer basic dog training for your convenience. We have several options, so there’s sure to be one to fit your needs.

Board and Train

Add training to your dog’s stay with us. Your dog gets 30 minutes with a trainer to work on commands and behaviors including:

  • sit/stay
  • down/stay
  • walking on leash
  • wait at doorways
  • wait for food
  • no jumping on humans
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Doggie Boot Camp

This is a 15-day program.

For ten days, your dog comes and stays in-kennel to work one-on-one with a trainer. After those ten days, your dog comes home for 5-7 days to practice what he or she has learned. A trainer will also work with you on what your dog is learning and how to reinforce what’s being trained.

The dog then comes back to the kennel for another five days, to stay and work more one-on-one with a trainer. You also get an additional lesson before your dog comes home for good.

This program is customized to each dog’s temperament.

Commands taught during doggie boot camp are basic on leash training:

  • control walking on leash
  • heel with auto sit
  • sit/stay
  • down/stay
  • come
  • place
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While we do not offer in-home dog training at this time, we do recommend Dog Training in Your Home for those services.

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